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Sales Reps.

Driven by a goal: Boosting your company's sales using automation and AI.

Why hire more? Let our A.I Sales Reps handle the grind, performing precise, automated actions on LinkedIn every day, consistently filling your pipeline with potential leads.

Multi-Touch Customer Acquisition


Connection Requests

The starting point, coupled with targeted marketing.

InMail & Direct Messaging

A blend of automation and genuine human interaction ensures authenticity

4-Step Connection Messages

Sequential messaging designed to engage and resonate

Email Marketing

Taking it beyond LinkedIn, reaching out via email to further nurture potential leads.


Using the IKLeadboost platform has been a game-changer for Alpha Business Center. In such a crowded market, the Cyborg solution allowed us to stand out and expand our reach effectively. Now, more entrepreneurs are aware of our business center. I highly recommend this service!

Rosa Gil

Business Advisor, Alpha Business Center

International expansion was a colossal challenge for us. With the help of IKLeadboost and its virtual sales team, we’ve not only fortified our local presence but now also have valuable connections on all five continents. It’s like having a global team working around the clock. A complete game-changer for NEXOR MEDICAL!

Rafael Muñoz

Managing Partner, NEXOR MEDICAL

I was initially skeptical about the efficacy of AI in sales and client acquisition. But IKLeadboost surpassed all my expectations. Thanks to their Virtual HR Solution, we’ve secured exceptional talent without the hefty recruitment agency fees. It’s more efficient, less costly, and incredibly effective.

Samantha Wei

CEO, TechFusion Innovations

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Combine the authenticity of a human LinkedIn profile with the efficiency of our artificial intelligence. This synergy creates a 'cyborg' tailored to operate on the platform.


Virtual Sales Team

A team of artificial intelligences trained to act as your virtual sales department on LinkedIn.

Virtual HR

A virtual team specialized in human resources, designed to operate on LinkedIn and source the ideal candidates for your company.


Why evolve? Ads are expensive

Digital ads and SEO are extremely competitive and very costly. To even “try to make a dent” nowadays, you have to invest tons of money

Overwhelmed with prospecting yourself?
Transform leads into booked appointments daily

Thinking hiring sales teams is too expensive?
Our 24/7 A.I Sales Reps enhance your pipeline for less than the cost of one employee

Is your sales team stuck on prospecting and not closing?
Elevate their efficiency: Automate prospecting and empower them to seal the deals.


IK Lead Boost is an advanced platform that integrates artificial intelligence with LinkedIn to optimize the generation of high-quality leads, improving your B2B sales process.

Simply click on our form and leave your contact details. We will get in touch with you to start the process.

Yes, it is completely safe. We prioritize the security and privacy of your LinkedIn account. Our system operates respecting LinkedIn’s terms of service.

Generally, users see an increase in quality connections and leads within a few weeks. Although it varies, our aim is an average of 35 to 45 contacts per day.

No, IK Lead Boost is designed to save you time and effort. After a simple initial setup, our system automates the rest of the process.

Absolutely. We offer customization options so that your campaigns reflect your brand and reach the right target audience.

K Lead Boost adapts to various industries. Our team can advise you to adjust the strategies to the specific needs of your sector.

We have various plans to suit different needs and budgets. Contact us for more details and a personalized quote.